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John Krepper

John Krepper

I first started keeping fish at age 12 (1968) and was quickly introduced to the Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers and participated as a junior member. I moved from high fin green molly’s to Rift Lake cichlids in a short time and then settled in Lake Tanganyika in the early 1970’s and have keep them ever since with the exception of a break from 1994 to 2005. While in Santa Barbara California I founded the Santa Barbara Aquarium Society in 1979 and in 1985 returned to Louisville I rejoined the LTFF club and was later elected president then served for a few years and was the active president when LTFF sponsored the 1992 ACA convention. I have been a member of the ACA during my years in the hobby and regularly attend the ACA convention. Over the years of keeping Lake Tanganyika cichlids I have photographed my fish as well as my friend’s fish and will present these photo’s and share my experiences in the hobby in keeping Lake Tanganyika cichlids feather fins and sand dwellers in the aquarium. Topics include feeding, territory requirements, water conditioning, general maintenance and good fish pics. I look forward in seeing soon.

LTFF Meeting

  • 2020-03


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